Contestant FAQ

How much does it cost?

Nothing. All you spend is the time it takes to discover and enter the contests you like.

Has anyone ever won tickets on Tixie?

Oh yeah! In fact we've given away over 10,000 pair of tickets since 2011!

Can I enter contests with my username or facebook ID?

Yes you can!  BUT, in order to claim your tickets, you'll have to enter using the name on your ID. 

Why can I only bid on some shows?

We generally start a contest about a month before the event, so you may see some events listed where you can't enter the contest until we open it for entry. We also close contests about 3-5 days before an event, but we leave it listed on our calendar until the day of the event has passed.

How many tickets are given away per contest?

It all depends on the event. We usually give away tickets in pairs (one pair for each winner), and we have many events with more than one pair of tickets to award to contest entrants.

When are contest winners announced?

Contests usually close 3-5 days before an event and we send out notices to the winners immediately. Please note that in the event a winner is unable to attend the event, we will draw another winner. So you might receive a win notice a day or more after the close of the contest if you're selected after another winner has returned the tickets. 

If I win, can I transfer my tickets into somebody else's name?

Generally yes, but they must be a Tixie user. Just send us their name and we are happy to make the change if the ticket sponsor and venue allow us to make changes (nearly all of them do). 

What happens when a show I'm playing for is canceled or postponed?

If a show is canceled before we've chosen a winner, everyone who entered the contest will receive all their tokens back. If we've already selected a winner, we will return all the tokens the winner entered.

What if I win but I can't go?

Simply let Tixie know as soon as possible. If there is enough time for us to award the prize to another Tixie user, we'll also refund the tokens you entered in the contest. 

Is Tixie a ticket vendor?

Nope. We provide promotional contest and calendar services to our partners.

Does Tixie want to sell tickets to my band's show?

We don't sell tickets, but we'd love to help you promote your event! 

Why didn't anyone on the active player list win?

 The active player list is a place to see who else is playing, not who might be winning. Since our drawings are random, everyone who played has a chance to win. We choose a winner by selecting one of the tokens entered in the contest and then we look up the name of the person who entered it.  So the more tokens you enter in a contest, the better your chances of winning.

What does the 'heart' icon mean?

You can 'heart' the shows you'd like to keep in your My Events tab, and also, all shows you play for will show up in your My Events tab. 

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