Identify target consumers
Create contests to add powerful content to your online media.

Open customer relationships
Develop ongoing dialog with consumers. Deliver mobile offers.

Reward customer loyalty
Acknowledge transactions. Provide incentives. Get to know your customer.

Browse contests, enter and win access to live events, food and more.


What people are saying:

"Tixie has helped us engage new customers and re-engage our existing customers. They are a great team to work with!"
Kurt Huffman (Managing Partner, CHEFSTABLE)
"I was so excited to see how many people used their $5 off coupon at Lardo! Even cooler to see them become regular guests of ours."
Rick Gencarelli (Owner, Lardo & Grassa)
"Had a blast at Band of Skulls show last night...TIXIE Your The Best....Thanks, Randy aka richsamm"
Tixie Winner
"Dear @TixieHQ I love thee! Super excited to see @JOHNNYSWIM @aladdintheater: I just won tickets on Tixie! Woot"
Tixie Winner